Very often we hear this statement in our day to day life. But we always degrade or bully people around us who keep on trying to reach their dreams. We have seen many successful people around us who have attained a greater level in their life due to their “Never Ever Give Up” Attitude.

Especially for business people, Struggles are part of their daily life. So this attitude of feeling never giving up will help them to sustain better in the difficult times.

Colonel Harland Sanders, many may not be knowing this person. But, all of us will be knowing about KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken ). I think now you are thinking about the delicious KFC popcorn or wings right?? Then take your phone, order, and grab yours. Let’s come back to our story.

This gentleman was the perfect example of never giving up. He lost his father at the age of 6 and he was forced to have a troublesome childhood. He joined in the army, then was shifting into various jobs like Railway, Insurance, Law like that.

At his age of 30, he stepped into entrepreneurship and started seeing only the failures. Whatever he did got flunked. But this hero was stubborn and he kept on trying again and again.

We all know, how tasteful his secret recipe of chicken will be right? Finger Licking Good as they say.

But do you know this awesome recipe was rejected 1009 times before anyone accepted it and he coined it as Kentucky Fried Chicken and it was an instant hit in the market.

After years of failures and misfortunes, Sanders KFC was a big success. He died at the age of 90 in the year of 1980. At that time there were around 6,000 KFC outlets in 48 countries. Now, KFC has its business across the world in more than 150 plus countries.

From his life, we can get a single success formula like his recipe, “Never Ever Give Up”.

We might face financial burdens, its the most common failure for the business people, feel free to ask support, minimize your risk, avoid taking big loans, don’t borrow to settle another borrower, remember fire never reduces another fire. Double your effort, don’t miss the opportunities, try to be creative in what you do, establish a better relationship with your employees, clients, vendors, and people around you.

Don’t ever fall to the prey of this standard abuses like ” Your horoscope is not suitable for doing business”, “time is bad for you”, “you cant handle business”, “business won’t suit you”.

Jus be deaf. Don’t argue. No one will take your words until you prove. Rather than reacting, try to act.

This shall pass too and we all will get prospered.

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