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This COVID has brought up a lot of changes in our life. I’m not an exception even. So many changes, so many life experiences.

On one fine Saturday (today) few of my friends influenced me to write a blog. I gave a quick thought about that. Why not, was the answer from my inner consciousness. In a few minutes of time, I was typing this blog.

What we gonna see over here??

My Journey of Entrepreneurship.

Disclaimer: I’m not a business tycoon or possess decades of experience.

I have started my business right after my MBA from the PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore.

That two years in PSG shaped my thought well, I met a lot of people and gained plenty of experience than the subjective knowledge, I’m a backbencher, avid absentee, an average student altogether.

So I started my dream Olive Grapes in the year of 2012.

Why have you named Olive Grapes?? Many ask this question to me.

Ogilvy & Mather, a dream name for any advertising company in the world. In the downline of 20 to 30 years, I want my firm to grow like that at least in Tamil Nadu.

I fixed my mind, my company gonna have two words, and it should start with “O”.

Now the Satta Sikkal started for me, in general, we don’t have the habit of using the alphabet O much over here. I kept on brainstorming and torturing my friends for name ideas, and in one evening, I was flipping the channel, and our favorite “Popeye the sailor man” show was on the air. I got half my company name, that’s “Olive”, the girlfriend of Popeye. Within in next two days, after the permutation and combination of words with Olive as the first word, I narrowed down to “Olive Grapes”.

Why Grapes??

Simple. Grapes are my favorite fruit. If you give me a basket of grapes also, I will be finishing it in no time. Such a foodie I am.

So this is the birth story of  “Olive Grapes”.

In my eight years of experience, apart from lows and highs in business, I got an experience of interacting and dealing with at least a 700+ Business People.

With all that collective knowledge, I gonna continue this blog.

Looking forward to all your support.

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