Brochure Designing

Our clients are at the centre of our ecosystem. Our bouquet of services captures our sense of commitment to translate our client’s vision into reality. From traditional advertisng to new media we have what it takes to ignite the spark in your advertising.


Brochures that tell stories. We create brochures that define you! We firmly believe that every great design begins with an even better story. Right from Corporate Brochures to Event Brochures to Creative Brochures to best E-Brochures to whatnot, we make the best brochure designs. With our team that is backed up with creativity and professionalism, we are one of the leading brochure designing companies in Chennai. With tons of experience in the field, we make brochures that speak for itself.


Catalogues, books that boost your business. Designing a catalogue that stands out lead you to your potential lead. We are known for creating the best product catalogue designs,business catalogue designs plus anything and everything according to your needs. As one of the leading catalogue designing companies, we make designs that are intelligent, unique and attractive. For every Product Catalogue design and business catalogue designs it is absolutely important to make it very specific and value adding. And we at Olive Grapes cater to all of these as one of the best catalogue designers in Chennai.


Logos, the silent brand ambassador. Vibrant, Truly representing and yet simple. This is our style of creating the best logos for your brand. The logos designed are effortless and at the same time capture the true essence of your brand.Creative logo designs are the ones that distinguishes your brand from where you are and where you want to be. We at Olive Grapes make creative logos that helps you stand out of the crowd. logo segment in branding, Make we to We blend, we blend art and science to your logos.


Flyers that make your business take off. Flyer designs are to be made in the most customised and personalised way in order to reach out to your clients and customers as it comes out to be very eye catching.We design flyers in such a way that it serves as a first hand information to your audience and also catches their attention to become your potential customer or client.Flyer designs are informative and powerful.Olive Grapes,as a flyer designing company in Chennai, looks to capture all possible aspects of flyers and leaflets design.Product Flyer design is where our specialisation lies in.


Pamphlets that lets you grow hand in hand. Pamphlets are the easiest and cost efficient way to be in touch with your audience. Pamphlet designs need to be crystal clear and serve the purpose of designing them ie., inform and attract your audience effectively. As a leading pamphlet designers in Chennai,we take up the minimalistic approach in designing the best pamphlet.


Magazines that brings elegance and class. Magazines are considered to be one of the most elite forms of print Advertising. With premium and general subscribers and readers, magazines give an attractive look to your brand. Magazines designs are done in such a way that it not only lifts up your brand but also attract readers to make a purchase. Magazine Advertising can be done in two ways: by creating your magazine or approaching top notch and popular magazines to publish your Ad. We at Olive Grapes can help you with both! Remove completely

Business Understanding

We are all ears to understand the A-Z of your brand. Tell us your story and we will help it go places.

Study the right audience

Communication is the key for any brand to sustain.We create strategies that suits your brand and that are as unique as your fingerprints.

Communication Strategy

Communication is the key for any brand to sustain.We create strategies that suits your brand and that are as unique as your fingerprints.


With attractive and yet minimalistic approach we add on visual and creative elements that elevate your brand.


We work on all your feedback and pay attention to details and deliver the best for you.

Value for Money

We aim and believe to add value to every single penny you give us. We focus to give you nothing but the best and help to bring out the voice of your brand as our team is experienced and backed up with professionalism.




Clear Call to Action

Well defined objectives


Half fold brochure design

The Half fold brochure suits you well in case you look to Simple business presentations such as product guides and comparisons,Image oriented documents such as cars, clothing and electronics. With this brochure design you can create an outline that allows the content flow smoothly and not interrupted by the fold.

Three fold brochure design

Tri-Fold brochures are highly convenient and versatile.The best tri-fold brochure contains all the adequate details in a step by step process and ensures your audience don’t get confused.It is well suited to present maps,infographics, and other detailed structures and diagrams. The brochure design is made in such a way that it is easily readable.It is important that the best tri-fold brochures are used by companies that have a lot of products and show versatility.

The z-fold brochure design

The Z-Fold Brochure design offers a business several design opportunities as the entire sheet opens once the brochure is unfolded. This type of brochure design offers the best platform for businesses to print brochures with large graphs,flowcharts, maps or even use an image centric design. It is highly helpful if your brand is keen on representing visuals and images.

Accordion brochure design

This type of brochure design is ideal if your business is in the field of tourism,fashion,etc. It allows you to explain all the features elaborately with ideal showcase of your product.The Accordion Brochure design helps to strike a balance between maximum text and maximum visuals.If you would want to go with using large pictures,accordion brochure design is the best.

Gate fold brochure design

This type of brochure design is typically used to target specific, high-end audiences regarding a niche product, event or brand. That said, the more complex brochure design makes it appear like a more luxury brochure, and therefore more likely to be kept or revisited by potential customers. The inner larger panel provides plenty of space for visual-heavy graphic design, made even more impactful by the reveal-effect of the gate fold.

Product catalogue

A product catalog is a detailed information and a list of the inventory of a store. The product catalog contains all the data related to the products, including product images, descriptions, specifications, price etc.The best product catalogue design can be made by understanding the primary objective of the catalogue. A product catalogue helps to reach a wider range of audience with distinctive and concentrated information.The catalogue design can be made for mobile product catalogue,website catalogue, E-Catalogues,etc.







Company Profile Designing

Your company profile is the elevator pitch presented in a written form. A good company profile design should and will lead you to your potential clients and customers. We specialise in designing your company profile that lasts an impression on the first go!

Newsletter Designing

A newsletter’s aimis to give in news relevant to the organization, raise awareness of the organization and give contact information to readers. Newsletter designs should not only be attractive but also should be in such a way that it creates an interest among the readers to know more about the activities of the organisation. By designing your newsletter,we aim to keep your audience tied in tact with you.

Poster Designing

A poster is a graphic oriented tool that allows a viewer to obtain current information about a product or service of an organisation.The poster designing should be done in such a way that it grabs a lot of attention.We can design you a poster that’s filled with creativity and that’s also informative.

Folders Designing

Folders are a unique way for presenting and distributing an organisation’s marketing materials, invoices, or other vital documents.We can bring out the best and the most professional folder designs for your company.

Voucher Designing

Gift vouchers to accounting vouchers,we design vouchers that can give you a professional outlook. It is simple and efficient to use vouchers to record any type of business transaction.

Hoarding Designing

Want to make people stop and read your Advertisement? Want to reach hundreds of people? A creatively designed hoarding can do the trick for you and we are here to get that done!

Business Card Designing

Business cards serve the best purpose of networking for professionals and also serve as a promotional tool for a business.We create compelling designs with the right combination of colors and images that helps you optimize these advantages when sharing your card.

Letterhead Designing

The letterhead serves as an authentic information from the company’s side to its potential clients, customers,etc. We design every element of your company’s letterhead with utmost care and with strong layout and typography.

Banner or Board Designing

The banners and boards have emerged as an effective tool to generate money as well as a promotion for the company by generating a lot of leads.We take in the whole responsibility of designing your banners and board advertisements for web and on ground Ads.

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